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  • Bulgogi Dinner Kit - Flame Grilled Meat
    Bulgogi Dinner Kit - Flame Grilled Meat $30.00

    Great choice!  This Dinner Kit will send you ff to Seoul, Korea to experience one of this country's most favored barbeque recipes, Bulgogi.  The word bulgogi (pronounced bull-go-gee) is derived from two...

  • Japchae Noodle Dinner Kit
    Japchae Noodle Dinner Kit $35.00

    Welcome to a well kept secret of Korea, the Island of Jeju!  This beautiful island is often compared to Hawaii for its natural beauty and popularity with newlyweds.  Your journey there begins over 400 years ago...

  • Two Korean Utensil Placesettings
    Two Korean Utensil Placesettings $14.00

    Need more place settings for your Korean Dinner?  You can get them here!   NOTE:  Picture shows four placesettings, however this set includes only two placesettings. 

  • Korean Gift Set
    Korean Gift Set $58.00

    In Korea the table settings are simple in order to highlight food and the many small dishes of pickles, dried fish and the spicy kimchi. Unlike other Asian cultures which use chopsticks, the Korean version is made of metal...