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Gifts That Give



With the purchase of any of these specially selected gifts, Destination Dinners is proud to
donate up to 100% of the procceds to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Thank you for helping us support this organization and the women who battle this silent killer.  
Most of all thank you to my mother who couragously battled this monsterous disease.

Her Story

Selected by Ladies Home Journal for their 2011 Holiday Gift Guide, Gifts that Give

Ladies Home Journal




Teapot & Tea Canister


swirl platter

Swirl Platter
with your choice of Dinner Kit

Turkish Teal Ceramics

Teal Turkish Ceramics
Hand Crafted


teal-bar.jpgWhy Gifts That Give?

We are often asked why we have specific products versus a percent of all items going to the Research Fund.  We do this for two reasons. The first, and most important, is that our efforts are not just about raising money for this very worthy cause.  We want to raise awareness. We want the people who receive these gifts to remember ovarian cancer is a very silent killer and they need to be aware of their bodies. We hope that every time someone comments on the beautiful color it inspires a mention of Ovarian Cancer and the good these items provide in addition to a great meal. With no cure or detection tools, women being vigilent about listening to their own bodies is currently the best way to detect this disease.

The other reason we do this is that it allows us to run this section of the site somewhat like a non-profit, donating 100% of the profits to the fund. This encourages many of our vendors to offer us special rates for these items as well as help us source hard to find items for this teal category. 


When I send a Gift That Gives does it look like the other items sent from the site?

Gifts that Give are treated slightly differently. Rather than our traditional red or white ribbons and wrappings, we use teal. We also include a splash of glittery stars in the ribbons. Additionally the cards that go along with personalized messages let the recipient know that these items are Gifts that Give, raising money and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. There are also links for those interested in more information.


Does Destination Dinners participate in any other Ovarian Cancer events?

We often donate to auctions and raffles as well as supporting some walkers in different fund raising and awareness events. Let us know about your event!