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 A Delicious Adventure

Destination Dinner Kits are delicious adventures which combine an exotic cooking experience with fun, engaging cultural and historic information. Whether given as a unique gift, used as dinner party inspiration or simply for family fun, it is guaranteed to be a meal that will always be remembered.

 Beautiful First Impression

Kits arrive in their bright red suitecase style box which when opened reveal the spices and sauces beautifully displayed in museum quality reusable cubes. The full color brochure packed with information and trivia will be tough to put down.

No Hassle Shopping

All you will need to get are a few fresh items mostly vegetables and the proteins available in any local market. The kit includes a Shopping List so nothing is forgotten as well as a Shopper's Guide with information and tips about the items on the list.

Fun & Easy For All

New to the kitchen or a seasoned home cook our kits have you covered. Beginners can use the pre-measured ingredients as is while experienced chefs can take advantage of the individually packaged items and modify the recipes as they go.
The last step is of course to enjoy the dinner with family and friends. Links on our site to streaming music help create the perfect ambiance and the After Dinner Trivia, with its discussion provoking information will entertain and educate.

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Our Dinner Kits range from savory to spicy with some being incredibly easy to make while others take a little more knowhow. We are here and happy to help you out. Click or call now.

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Forget about boring gift baskets~

As a gift, Destination Dinner Kits stand out from the rest. Beautiful presentation, delicious authentic food, lots of fun information, and best of all, inspiration to bring friends and family to the table.Select Your Destination

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